All times are Cyprus: the exact time and the difference with Russia

All times are Cyprus

Maritime power of Cyprus is one of the most popular and affordable destinations among tourists. Due to the negligible cost to manufacture a visa and the length of the flight this scenic area each year is visited by many visitors. All, who is going to visit this sunny country, We should advance to ask what is the hour zone of Cyprus.

This information will avoid confusing and unpleasant situations, being late for breakfast or dinner at the hotel, It makes it possible to specifically plan your vacation, tours, or after the flight to Cyprus resort you will not surprise local time.

Also, the time difference significantly affects the health. acclimatization process is faster in those countries, where the time zone is almost the same as usual for the tourist.

Timezone – it is a specific part of the earth, where, according to local regulations set the official time. The distribution of such zones depend on the Earth's rotation around its axis. According to the agreements between the countries of all the zones were divided into 24 and now, in all the states is determined by using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

The whole territory of the Republic of Cyprus is in the same time zone, ie all the cities of Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Famagusta, Paphos and the others live in one and the same time.

Cyprus time zone

In winter it is used Eastern European system (Eastern European Time, EAT), and in March of all citizens to move their clocks EEST system (Eastern European Summer Time, EDT). Currently Cyprus is in the time zone UTC zone + 2 (Coordinated Universal Time), and in the winter hour zone of Cyprus – UTC + 3 (Daylight Saving Time).

Daylight saving time in Cyprus, Starting with 2011 year, It takes place on the last Sunday in October, following the date of this year already 25 October. Accordingly, saving time Cypriots go to the last Sunday in March – in 2016 , the country will go 27 March.

All times are in Cyprus very convenient for Russian tourists, since the time difference is negligible. Until the abolition of the so-called daylight saving time and back to winter 26/10/2014 The Russian Federation had a difference of one hour with Cyprus (from March to October) and 2:00 (from October to March). Now the summer is not the time difference between the capital of Russia and Cyprus, and in winter – Cyprus set their clocks back one hour (When in Moscow, 14.00, in Cyprus – 13.00).

So, hour zone of Cyprus almost coincides with the Russian, so during a summer trip to this amazing country tourists do not feel the difference in time, and in winter it is not felt.

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