Cheboksary Santas are young and athletic!

31 December at the Metropolitan waterfront Cheboksary pass Kitesurf parade of Santa Clauses, reports Tourism Culture and Development Management Administration campus Cheboksary.

This year, the administration of the town of Cheboksary, together with the Surfing Federation, has prepared a truly excellent gift for Cheboksary residents: 31 December in 12.00 on the so beloved Stolichnaya embankment, Santa Claus kiting races will take place.

For several years, members of the kitesurfer club of the town of Cheboksary have come out onto the ice-covered surface of a colorful river and compete in the title of the most virtuoso conqueror of the snow-covered Volga. This event only seems like fun. It is backed by months of study and careful preparation before starting.: warm-up, equipment check

On the last day of the outgoing year, more 20 winter wizards, accompanied by a fairytale retinue.

In the program:

– 11.30 – gathering of participants;

– 12.00 - start;

– 13.00 – friendly tea at the Christmas tree.

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