The photo exhibition "Fields" Alberto Sanchez and Anna Sanchez opens at the Cervantes Institute

In the exhibition hall of the Cervantes Institute in Moscow (Novynskyy Boulevard, 20A) on Tuesday, 27 November, in 19:00, will open a photo exhibition «Place of Birth» Alberto Sanchez and Anna Sanchez, with the participation of the project founders. The exhibition will run from 27 November to 17 February 2019 (with pn. to Friday 10.00 to 19.00; Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 17:00). Free admission.

Spanish figurative culture emerged and crystallized on the basis of observations and reflections on the landscape. Now is the time the visual glut, and we are experiencing a moment, when these observations and reflections on the landscape velop and live in it with his life. He turns into a unique work of art, giving us the opportunity to realize how past cultures, and discovering new ways to interpret it. For photo, which is constantly balancing between documentary and aesthetics, there is a new possibility of finding balance and freedom.

At the exhibition «Place of Birth», which will begin work in the Cervantes Institute in Moscow on Tuesday, 27 November, will be introduced 90 a photo – of those 77 thousand, that the paparazzi and his wife Anna, Alberto Sanchez and Sanchez did in Spain for 7 years.

Knows Alberto Sanchez: «Every year we are leaving in the winter in Spain and shoot. Aragon, Castilla, Andalusia, Murcia, Valensiyskoe society… All, who goes to Spain in the summer, litsezreyut her scorched. And in winter a bright saturated colors country with a large number of invoices. In the exhibition we tried to combine several lines. first – the development of perception of Spain traveler. He's starting to be born images. At first, the most simple landscapes. Then «cut one» sky. Man begins to pay attention to the geometric features of the landscape. As a result, all the leaves in the imagery, as in the photo ip Andalusian villages, and even a therapist.

Another line – real culture. As Spain is reflected in the textures and materials, in, how a person relates to his own work. It is very symptomatic. Spaniards are working like ants. Aesthetics have them arises from a natural internal process. We are always amazed, they put a stone, how to use cement. Spanish laborers do not make for yourself aesthetic problems. And it turns out unique and brilliant! Very exciting time – how nature is connected with human labor. This Spanish handwriting, you will not find in Italy, nor in France, either in Germany. It `s that, As a person, let's, plow. What he is paving bands, which draws the boundaries between fields.

We come in quite fantastic landscape, and people, living there, surprised to ask: «And what you're shooting here? Field??? What is there to shoot?». For their field – a void, in which something has to grow. They plow in the fiction, wherein all changes every minute, and he did not notice. And they are the creators of this landscape»!

Alberto Sanchez (Moscow, 1968) He studied at MIT. AT 1999 he graduated from the Madrid Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense Institute on specialty «sculpture». In the same year he returned to Moscow and devoted himself to photo.

Anna Sanchez (Moscow, 1968) He studied at RGUNG, with 2008 He has been engaged in a masterful photo, constantly traveling, working on projects and photographic images of the cultural heritage of the former USSR. The last seven years of experience in landscape photography and together with her husband, Alberto Sanchez, He is working on a project about the Spanish landscape.

Cooperated Cervantes Institute in Moscow with the support of MAMM (Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow).

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