Cyprus Paphos - Attractions, what to see

The main attractions of Paphos – the cultural capital of Cyprus

Paphos attractions, cities, is considered as the cultural capital of Cyprus - the most interesting on the coast, Paphos is something to see.

the island is quite large this area, but because of various historical monuments there are a lot: from natural, such as the Baths of Aphrodite, Before the creation of man, for example, artfully laid out the ancient mosaic. But first things first.

The most important attractions of Paphos are centered around the medieval port of the so-called Lower Town. It is here that you can go back in time if, rather, a few centuries ago,, examining the famous monuments of ancient architecture:

  • royal tombs;
  • archaeological park;
  • medieval fortress;
  • the ruins of a Byzantine basilica;
  • Column of St. Paul;
  • church Chrysopolitissa.


royal tombs – It is an ancient necropolis, carved in the rock. Here, in the impressive underground halls, decorated with mosaics and columns, in III-IV VV. BC local nobility were buried. This is one of the most famous monuments of Paphos, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In archaeological park, which is located on a small plateau above the port, you can see the ancient excavations. That's five Roman villas have been found here, from which almost nothing left, besides the gorgeous floor mosaics with scenes from Greek mythology. Also in the complex is the Roman Theater, partially rebuilt after destroying it in the IV century earthquake.

Paphos castle It was built in the Byzantine period, and originally served to protect against attacks from the sea. However, it was a different time, a prison, as well as warehouse. In 1570 the castle was blown up by the Venetians, found themselves under pressure from the Turkish troops. The current form of this attraction has acquired thanks to the Turks, who rebuilt the fort again in 1592 year.

The ruins of a Byzantine basilica, Chrysopolitissa church and the column of St. Paul They are located next to each other near the harbor, but just east of the archaeological park. From the Basilica were only columns and mosaics. Also preserved are the remains of a marble column, to which, according to tradition, the apostle Paul tied to whipping his Christian preaching. The Church Chrysopolitissa, she's Agia Kyriaki, built in the XIV century on the site of a Byzantine basilica, It is in excellent condition. Moreover, there still are service.

With regard to the natural attractions of Paphos, they are located in the vicinity of the town. But, insofar as, the island of Cyprus itself is small in size, then get to them just enough. Perhaps, the most important of this kind are of interest:

  • Petro-to-Roma;
  • baths of Aphrodite;
  • gorge Avakas.

Petro-to-Roma - a place, colloquially referred to as Bay of Aphrodite, – It is part of the rocky coast, to which according to legend, the beautiful goddess of love emerged from the sea foam. One of beliefs says, if three times oplyt big rock, towering near the shore, you can always be young and beautiful. Need to mark, that this is not very easy: around the rock a lot of small rocks and large sharp stones.

baths of Aphrodite They are small in the rock mainsail, surrounded by greenery and filled with water due to the springs and keys. It is here that, if you believe the legend, the goddess of love, not only took baths, but also met with her lover – Adonis. It is believed, that water from the bath gives the youth and beauty, but swimming is strictly prohibited.

gorge Avakas - a place, really impressive. It is an oasis of untouched nature, amazing attraction, created without human intervention. Gorges length about 3 Kilometers, height - up 30 Metres away. The trail to the rocky and it runs along the river, but on the way there are occasional large boulders. The road here is difficult, but there are breathtaking views, as here, No, Perhaps, anywhere else in the whole Cyprus.

Одним словом, Paphos attractions, really, worth, to come here and look at them.

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