"Metrium": The supply of elite new buildings fell to a 5-year low

Number of flats and apartments for sale in
capital new buildings of elite and premium class decreased to a minimum from
2016 year. For the last 12 months, the offer of an expensive new home in
capital decreased by 27%, calculated by the company's specialists "Metrium". In the sum of both
sectors of the high-budget housing market, developers are selling 3,3 Thd. apartments.

In the first quarter 2021 years in Moscow
developers were selling 3,3 Thd. apartments and apartments in complexes, related
to the elite and premium sectors of the new buildings market. This is the lowest level
offers of expensive housing in the capital, fixed with 2016 year. According to calculations
analysts "Metrium", over the past year, this figure has decreased by 27%, A what
was the sharpest annual drop in five years.

A small number of apartments and apartments in
sales over the last five years recorded in both sectors of the high-budget market
housing. In the premium class in the 1st quarter 2021 year
developers were selling 2,1 Thd. apartments and apartments, whereas in the first quarter
2020 of the year - 2,5 тыс., in the same period 2019 of the year - 3,5 тыс., 2018 of the year - 3,6
тыс., 2017 of the year - 3 Thd.  

A similar picture is in the elite segment. At the moment in
in this market sector, developers are looking for buyers for 1,2 Thd. apartments and
apartments, and a year back on sale there were - 2 тыс., in 2019 year - 1,9
тыс., in 2018 year - 2,4 тыс., in 2017 year - 1,9 Thd.

The peak volume of supply of high-priced new buildings in
Moscow reached 2018 year, experts say "Metrium". Then, in IV
quarter, more than 6 Thd. apartments and

Brosko, that even the replenishment of the offer
new variations of new buildings did not correct the situation. Sales and booking
revealed in four premium projects, whereas for the same period
2020 year only one project appeared on the market. Generally, in the elite segment
there were no new products at all.

The second reason is the high demand for expensive
new buildings in Moscow. According to the results of the first quarter 2021 years in premium complexes- and
elite classes enrolled in 48% more equity contracts, чем
for the same period 2020 year. This indicates the highest activity
customers and explains the reason for the record decline in supply, especially in
premium class.

"IN 2021 a few years outright
factors contributed to the growth in demand for elite and premium housing, - comments Anna Rajabova, director of elite real estate management of the company
"Metrium Premium" (member of the CBRE partner network)
. - In-1-x, border closures and flight restrictions due to the pandemic
coronavirus has forced many traditionally "cosmopolitan" minded owners
больших бюджетов вновь обратить взоры на русский рынок дорогих новостроек,
подыскать новое жилище, чтобы переждать карантин. Во-вторых, ослабление рубля и
понижение доходности финансовых инструментов вложений стимулировали инвестиции в
недвижимость. При этом неопределенность в экономике не содействовала повышению
активности девелоперов. В итоге предложение рекордно сократилось».

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