Cyprus returned unique black flamingo

Cyprus - a more attractive place for, чем 300 rare bird species. Flamingo is the most unique of them. The most rare species of flamingos is a dark-colored birds. The feathering may be black or chocolate-brown. The population is so small dark flamingo, that the few who manage to see them alive. Once every winter they lived in Cyprus, but with a change in environmental conditions, they have changed the habitat. In January 2016 , they appeared again at the Salt Lakes Larnaca.

Black flamingos are already attracting a lot of tourists. In order to ensure that the natural living conditions of the birds, not to injure and not to scare them, those wishing to admire the birds too close to them do not admit. Для туристов – berdvotcherov near lakes Soros, Orfani, aliki, Spiro is already equipped with a special viewing platforms. With their flamingos can be considered in detail and photograph, not potrevoživ them.

Authorities island of Ramsar convection spent a lot of time and foreign investment to maintain the ecology of the lake reserve. Since black flamingo back to about. Cyprus, their efforts have not been in vain. Scientists hope the appearance in the waters of Cyprus, lakes and other protected birds, including predatory griffins. Expected, that o.Kipr black flamingos will stay at least until April. After last year's rainy season for them here plenty of food and drink. But to say on 100% one of the researchers is not taken. It is worth to take advantage of a unique opportunity to see with their own eyes dark flamingo today.

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