Winners of the regional competition "The route of the Year" SKFO, SFD, PFD, UFO, CFO and SZFO 2018

In Tver and Zavidovo in the framework of the State Tourist Forum «Russian river» It places the end of the regional competition of the All-Russian tourism award «route year»North Caucasus, Southern, Volga, Ural, Central and Northwestern Federal District, reports Frosi Region PR.

The organizers of the regional competition by the Ministry of Tourism of the Tver region, GK «Concord» and Frosi Region PR. All for a role in the regional competition 2018 , it was stated 374 project from 52 regions of Russia. In the final, it was presented 143 project.

Commented Ivan Egorov, Minister of Tourism of the Tver region: «We are very grateful to the organizers for the award, that was the end of our earth Tver. When the best tourism professionals will present the best routes – it's a good school, opportunity to be on the most effective practices. Several routes the Tver region became the winners of the contest, and means, tourism industry in the region is on the right path».

«End of the regional stage of the All-Russian tourism award «route year», past and Zavidovo in Tver, showed, In many regions of the country began to pay more attention to the development of tourist routes, taking into account the changing interests of potential tourists», – said Gennadiy Shatalov, Chairman of the Board Frosi Region PR, founder of the Russian National Tourism Award «route year».

«TUI Our country is actively developing domestic tourism and support projects, aimed at promoting the recreation area of ​​the Russian Federation. Two years in a row, we are an official partner of the All-Russian tourism award «route year». As chairman of the expert council, I see a big positive effect on the activities carried out within the premium: raises interesting new routes, participants share their experiences and thoughts, attracted public attention, is the popularization of domestic tourism from the media», –Alexander singled Sirchenko, Chairman of the Expert Council of the All-Russian tourism award «route year», Deputy General Director of Government Relations (GR) and Communications TUI Our homeland and the CIS.

The list of winners of the regional competition is available here.

The Expert Council of the regional competition is posted here.

At the end of the All-Russian national tourist award «route year», which will be held 1-2 November Ulyanovsk, permitted projects, ranked 1st, 2-is, 3-th place in the regional competitions, as well as the follow-up projects:

– «Battles of Rzhev: Holmec», Tver region;

– «An unprecedented year-old», Voronezh region;

– «There is just around the corner, for a small country forest», Voronezh region;

– «Retro tour retro train», Stavropol region;

– «Tales AgroZooParka «forest-saving» (audioguide)», Yaroslavskaya oblast;

– «Gentleman on the Volga», Ulyanovsk region;

– «Izhevsk. familiar stranger», Udmurtia;

– «Mnogoznachnыy Dimitrovgrad», Ulyanovsk region;

– «For metal kings Russia (On a visit to the brothers Batashev)», Moscow;

– «Heirs of Volga Bulgaria» (Ulyanovsk – Bulgaria – Chistopol – Laishevo – Kazan, visiting ethnic villages, folklore performances and the usual refreshments, 3 of the day + w / d), Ulyanovsk region;

– «Horse-geographical expedition «In the wake of the Przewalski», Republic of Bashkortostan;

– «Temples Nevsky Prospect», Saint Petersburg.

All-Russian tourism award «route year» held under an informational support of the Federal Agency for Tourism (Ростуризм).

Strategic Partners Award «route year»: International Tourism Exhibition «ITM», Non-commercial partnership «National Association of Information and Tourism Organizations» (Knight), Russian Public Relations Association «frock».

General b2b-Partner Award: Portal for experts of tourist industry Profi.Travel.

General Industry Information Partner Award: Electric newspaper RATA-news.

Official Premium Partners: Travel company «TUI Russia», communication group «Gurov & Partners», Hotel «Tungsten carbide-Kazan», Tourism company «Travel Kazan».

All materials of the All-Russian tourism award «route year» located on the official website of the Prize and the official Facebook page Award.

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