The winners of the professional contest "Best in profession in the tourism industry"

In Moscow, accomplished a ceremony awarding the winners of the yearly contest of professional skills «The best in the profession in the tourism industry», According to the press-office competition. The best in the profession awarded Deputy Head of Federal Agency for Tourism Nikolai Queens.

The contest is held by the Federal Agency for Tourism, together with the executive bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation in the field of tourism and industry associations once a year 2013 of the year. It aims to boost the quality of service in the tourism industry, enhance the prestige of tourism professions and industry demand for graduates of educational institutions in the labor market, help attract skilled professionals and promote excellence in the hospitality industry.

This year, the contest is usually held in 2 phase: first at the level of the RF subjects, as well as industry associations, then at the federal level. The participants were employees of hotel reception, maids, Managers of Tourist Agencies, guides. The three special sub-nominations competed managers of youth tourism, experts in the field of accessible tourism guides and translators.

According to the results of the federal step competition the first prize «The best employee of the reception of the hotel» Valentina Andreevna took Kamkina – hotel accommodation services manager «Volga» (Ulyanovsk region). In second place Ekaterina Petrovna Vislova – the administrator of the reception of the hotel SAYEN (Irkutsk region). 3rd place Catherine O. Rodina – the administrator of the reception of the hotel VERBA (Khabarovsk region).

The winner in the nomination «The best manager of inbound and domestic tourism» recognized Ekaterina Nikolaevna Sizov – Managing department of internal tourism travel agency «Squirrel Tour» (Vologodskaya Oblast). 2-second place was awarded to Maria Alexandrovna experts Golynsky – Executive Director of «Northern Lights» (The Republic of Karelia). In third place came Natalia Shanin – Manager of Tourism Company «armada» (Tomsk region).

In nomination «The best tour guide (guide)» in the first place Lena V. Akhmatova – Guided Tours in Moscow (Association of Guides and Interpreters, guides and tour managers). 2-second place was awarded to Julia Vladimirovna Shatalina – tour guide company «Hosta holidays» (Krasnodar region). Third place: Egor D. Pronin – private entrepreneur (Tula region).

1-second place in the nomination «Best special service operation room stock (maid)» It took Ira N. Grishina – hotel maid «Kazan Riviera» (Republic of Tatarstan). In second place Tatyana Danilova – hotel maid «Baikal Business Center» (Irkutsk region), 3 rd place Natalia Hubalieva – maid Sports Complex «Kurganova» (Sverdlovsk region).

Favorites in special sub-nominations: «for youth tourism manager» – Deputy Director of «TC «Inteltur» Tamara Zhuravleva (Vologodskaya Oblast); «Special in accessible tourism» – guide LLC «TodzhaTur travel agency» Cengiz Şolbanoviç Dugerjaa (Tyva Republic); «Guide-interpreter» – Snezhana Grigoryeva Vitalievna from Moscow (Association of Guides and Interpreters, guides and tour managers).

AT 2018 he took part in the federal step 110 specialists from 40 regions of Russia.

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