The island of Cyprus: language – tourist comfort marker

To attend a. Cyprus language, as an element of the state policy in the region, of great interest. Linked to this is the need for more high-quality recreational or business visit, the possibility of rational use of time and financial resources.

The language environment of the island is characterized by:

  • the presence of different forms of the official language;
  • the use of languages ​​in circulation, which are not related;
  • the difference in social status and non-common languages.

The diversity of languages ​​of Cyprus is part of the scope of local livelihoods, its history and social structure. This is reflected in the country's attractiveness for tourists.

The official language of Cyprus


Occupation of Turkey in 70 g. g. twentieth century. part of the island led to its division into geopolitical 2 ethnic community. Until recently, the personal and linguistic contacts between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots are minimized.

Contemporary Cypriot society is a multinational. In the north of the. The official language of Cyprus - Turkish, t. to. It is home to the majority of Turkish Cypriots. Over time, it has mutated in Cypriot Turkish.

In the south, this is the role of the Greek and Turkish. When this is used in the form of a Greek:

  • obschegrecheskih;
  • Greek Cypriot dialect, unknown to the Greeks from the mainland;
  • regional variants of the Cypriot dialect.

From the Greek Cypriot residents of the language it is characterized by a set of sibilant consonants, even in those words, where they are not available when writing.

echoes of colonialism

About 90% Cypriot population speaks in English. As the prevalence of English in Cyprus takes 2 place after the Greek.

The basis for its extensive use of Cypriots laid the historical background: more 100 years, the island was under the authority of the British Crown. After the proclamation of the Republic in Cyprus English has become the language of international communication. It contributes to the development of health, private education, jurisprudence, business (in t. no. tourism and banking sector).

Russian-speaking Cyprus

Island visitors, who know Russian language, Cyprus pleasantly surprised by its relatively widespread. it explains:

– Popular regions in the Russian-speaking tourists environment;

– the large number of immigrants from the Soviet Union and the CIS countries, permanently residing here.

Come to a. Cyprus Russian language is found in every tourist area (especially in Limassol). It owns many hotel staff, it duplicated shop signs, menu of cafes and restaurants. On the Russian press published, issued telecast on one of the channels.

What language in Cyprus is less common?

Cypro-Minoan inscription

The language of the island environment includes the languages ​​of national minorities. These include the Armenian and Cypriot Arabic, spoken Arab Maronites. Languages ​​are supported and protected by the state. This is expressed in the presence of Armenian community organizations and schools in the Armenian and Arabic. There are Armenian-language website, some media and TV project.

figuring out, which languages ​​in Cyprus are not widespread, It should take into account the presence here of immigrants and temporary residents. They come from Asia, of Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Georgia and used in the home his mother tongue.


Those who wish to study at a. Cyprus language of another people such an opportunity is provided by private schools, where teaching is conducted in English, Russian, Arabic, Armenian, French, Italian.

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