Paphos launches reinforced action program for the development of tourism in 2017 year

Bronze boy and big fish - Iota work Ioannidi, artist from Paphos, It is part of the program 2017 years to establish cultural attractions.
Bronze boy and big fish – Iota work Ioannidi, artist from Paphos, It is part of the program 2017 years to establish cultural attractions.

In accordance with the statement of the local Tourist Board,
to increase the promotion of the region of Paphos and tourist attraction an action plan on 2017 Year, which includes improvements in the use of social media and other means of advertising.

At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Regional Council of Tourism Paphos, on Monday, the participants agreed on a preliminary budget plan and advertising activities for the next year.

In a statement,, made-for-media says, that an action plan was drawn up taking into account the, first order, that Paphos will be the European Capital of Culture 2017 year, and will share this honor with Aarhus in Denmark

“We will continue to strengthen its efforts to improve and promote the area and the creation of special conditions and suggestions, that distinguish the area from other Paphos. We are focused on markets with good flight connections, as well as the target markets of the Cyprus Tourism Organization, as well as private partners and markets with good prospects”, It said in a statement.

Budget will allow to upgrade the print and electronic materials, which describes the region, increase participation in specialized exhibitions and seminars abroad, to further develop wedding tourism, sports tourism, rural tourism, winter tourism and other niche.

In addition, efforts will focus on increasing the number of publications, placed journalists, bloggers and other partners in the development of tourism in Paphos. Using social media to promote the area and events in the region will be upgraded, efforts will also be aimed at attracting more domestic tourists region, especially in connection with the name Pafos2017.

“In addition, it is important to participate in European programs and the possible provision of funds Paphos, primarily for investment in improving the organization of the tourist product and the tourist experience, offered across the province”.

Tourism Board added, that there is a positive to this point the dynamics of growth in visitor numbers, which is likely to continue in the 2017 year, by special orders and requests from travel agents and airlines from several key countries.

“The Regional Council of Tourism of Paphos and its partners are optimistic in their opinion, that next year the region could reach record levels, that in the future will contribute to solving the chronic problem of seasonality”.

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