Weather in Cyprus in February

Weather in Cyprus in February

February in Cyprus, in spite of the fact, that he is the last winter month, It is the true beginning of spring. This time, when nature comes alive and flourishes as if everything: on the slopes you can find snowdrops, beds are decorated with fragrant jasmine, lemon trees blossom and almond. And in February, collect the first early harvest of citrus fruits.


Features of the Cyprus weather in February


February – the coldest month of the island of Cyprus. Although the Russian standards, is quite warm at this time. Mean temperature comprise:


  • day + 17 ° C;
  • night + 12 ° C;
  • water + 17 ° C.


Sunny days in February, no more than seven, and the weather is quite unstable, rainy and windy, often storm. Rare daredevils risk to plunge into the water of the Mediterranean Sea. The overwhelming majority of travelers still prefer to swim in the heated pool, which are available at many hotels in Cyprus. But sunbathing at this time is quite real. But even in the rare clear days February should use sunscreen.


Вообще, going to Cyprus in February, should bring along plenty of warm clothes and always armed with an umbrella, to be ready for any change in the capricious weather.


Holidays in Cyprus in February

Cyprus in February

February weather permitting relax interesting, diverse and usefully. At this time, attractive sightseeing tours, health and food tours.


Perhaps, Never island does not look like in the year, in February: bright green paint, blooming neighborhood, the gentle rays of the sun, which is already gaining momentum, – in short, all the extraordinary nature of the Cyprus invites to travel around the island.


February weather has to get acquainted with the sights, and their great variety on the island. It could be the ruins of ancient cities, Orthodox monasteries, and amazing natural sites. So, one of the main attractions of becoming a salt lake in Larnaca, which at this time it is filled with flocks of pink flamingos. In the summer of this just can not be seen, because the pond dries up and is a thick salt crust. Only closer to the winter, when the rainy season begins in Cyprus, lake comes alive.


In February, it is still going on ski season in the Troodos. Fans of action sports is the time to come here, to enjoy not only directly skating, but clean mountain air filled flavors pines, juniper and centuries-old cedars.


In late February, just before the beginning of Lent in Cyprus held a ten-day Carnival. Cheerful and bustling, wine and a variety of meats, it passes in all cities, but the most large-scale celebrations take place in Paphos.


It is worth to come to Cyprus in February and Shoppers. On the first Monday of the month is traditionally begin grandiose sales, that last 45 Days.


Prices for holidays in February


A trip to the island of Cyprus in February, not much hit the pockets of travelers. Since that time considered the low season, relax pretty budget. The cost of package tour with flight from Moscow to 7 nights with breakfast starts from 44000 rubles for two.

Weather in Cyprus in February 2016 year


City Average day t, WITH Average night-time t, WITH t water, WITH
Pathos 17 11 17
Ayia Napa 17 11 17
Protaras 17 11 17
Larnaca 17 9 17
Nicosia 15 10



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