Weather in Cyprus in May

May in Cyprus - this month, When the sunny summer replaces blossoming spring. At this time the island, still immersed in the green, pleases tourists excellent serene and cool weather, gradually warming the sea and the abundance of ripe fruit.

What to expect the weather in Cyprus in May

In recent years, an increasing number of tourists flock to Cyprus in May. No wonder: it is in this month officially opened the beach season. In addition, the last month of the calendar spring is ideal for excursions and sightseeing.

The average daily temperature on the island is in May +23 – +25WITH. And if at the beginning of the month can still be cool and windy, then to the end of a stable set warm and dry weather. At night, the thermometer may still drop to + 15 ° C. Rainy days in May, is not more than two or three, that this, Usually, in the first half.

Mediterranean Sea at this time a little invigorates: water is heated to + 22 ° C, and only towards the end of the month, the temperature may reach + 24 ° C..

Water and air in Cyprus warms unevenly. So, Paphos Sea a couple of degrees cooler. And the air temperature on the western coast of Cyprus slightly lower, than in the south-eastern part. And in the mountains at this time is rarely warmer than + 21 ° C.

If you plan to vacation with young children, it would be better to postpone the end of May, when the water is less warmed. For the elderly and for those, who have problems with the cardiovascular system, this month - one of the most successful for the rest of the sea.

As you can relax in Cyprus in May

The temperature on the coast is not identical Cyprus. In May, its highest value (to + 25 ° C) set in the south of the island: Ayia Napa, Limassol and Larnaca. The coastal waters are also warmed up here is best. In the west of the island, in Paphos, air, generally and the sea on 1 - 2 ° C cooler. Therefore, the choice of location for the trip will depend on the objectives of the island visit: order, who come to sunbathe and swim, will approach the southern areas of Cyprus, and the, who are more interested in guided tours, better to visit Paphos, the more so because it is there focused quite a number of attractions.

The opening of the beach season means and the opening of the season a variety of water activities. Therefore, it is already possible in May:

  • fishing aboard the boat;
  • parasailing;
  • a ride on a yacht;
  • rent a catamaran or jetski.

In addition, in this month, for tourists open their doors to all the water parks of the island. So without water entertainment coming to Cyprus is not exactly remain.

What to take to Cyprus

In anticipation of the holiday can be thoroughly confused and go on a trip, not taking with them any necessary things. In addition to the vouchers, passports, tickets and money, you need to take care of the presence in the luggage the following items:

  • drugs - and, not only those, that person must be taken continuously, but the most common, that may be needed in a foreign country (of hurt, heat, allergies, poisoning, indigestion);
  • sunscreen - the sun even in Cyprus in May rather active, so easy to get burned;
  • cigarettes and coffee - the, who smoke and can not refuse a cup of coffee, should take care and put these things into a suitcase, since Cyprus all this is quite expensive;
  • clothes - in addition to the summer sundresses, T-shirts and shorts, should take a sweater or jacket in case of cooler evenings, and be sure to visit the clothes dinners (women - Dresses and shoes, men - shirt, pants and shoes), since Cyprus adopted to comply with dress code.

prices on vacation in May

Thank you so, that are no influx of tourists stream in May in Cyprus, and most hotels have opened their doors for travelers, Here you can relax completely budget, besides, that the quality of this does not hurt.

However, in any case,, Prices for a week holiday in Cyprus in May, will start with 20000 rubles per person in a hotel 3* in DBL Room Food HB and flight. Hotels 4-5* for the same set of queries from the services already 40000 rubles per person. It should be noted, Prices in restaurants and taverns are approximately at summer levels. So that it is cheaper to take a trip with meals at the hotel.

In addition to the relatively low cost of vouchers, on tour prices are also still quite democratic, as they rise, Usually, from June. Therefore, in terms of price and quality, May - is considered one of the best months to visit the island.

Weather in Cyprus in May


City Average day t, WITH Average night-time t, WITH t water, WITH
Pathos 23 17 21
Ayia Napa 25 19 21
Nicosia 27 18


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