Weather in Cyprus in March

Cyprus in March
In March, Cyprus rightfully reigns a real spring. The island abounds with vivid bright colors and unusual flavors: green meadows, iridescent shades of flowering plants and sweet smells of orange trees and jasmine. in short, the weather in Cyprus in March to a fine, to visit the island of eternal summer, as it is sometimes called.

Features of the Cyprus weather in March

Although the March weather is still unstable, yet it is more predictable, than in the previous month. Sometimes the rain can go and be overcast. Most days this month are clear and warm. March average temperatures are:

  • in the afternoon – +18WITH;
  • at night – + 13WITH;
  • water – +17WITH.

Bathe in March, Of course, too early, as the sea is still quite cool, although some particularly bold Russian tourists opened the season in February. But to get a nice tan easily: gaining momentum sun quite comfortable for sunbathing. However, for all its seeming harmlessness should be reserved sunscreen cosmetics.

Daylight increases, darkens later, allowing to increase the duration of trips. However, the evening cool will certainly make the tourists to dress warmly, so going on a trip to Cyprus in March, you need to bring a sweater and a warm jacket. And, Of course, as an indispensable attribute in case of rain, umbrella.

Holidays in Cyprus in March

Weather in Cyprus in March

March is one of the best months for a sightseeing holiday in Cyprus. And this is true, because some sightseeing during the summer sweltering heat can not every holidaymaker. Especially recommended to visit Cyprus in the spring of the elderly and the, who have problems with the respiratory or cardiovascular system, because they heat, Usually, strictly contraindicated.

Holidays in Cyprus in March, people will enjoy, which are important peace and privacy. Tourists are still not a lot, so you can not worry about the hustle and bustle and noise, and spend time with pleasure, like that and it would be desirable.

people, who have a driver's license and take the risk to hire a car, a great opportunity to explore the island on their own. Due to the disposal of a motor vehicle, you can drive to the most beautiful places in Cyprus, for example, visit Cape Cavo Greco near Ayia Napa, and the Akamas National Park and the amazing beauty of the gorge Avakas, that it is close to Paphos. Always worth a visit Yeroskipou - eastern suburbs of Paphos, which produces the most delicious on the island of Cyprus Delight and other sweets at a local candy factory. And, Of course, it is impossible not to visit the village of Lefkara, where you can buy products from local craftsmen: gorgeous lace and famous silverware.

Prices for holidays in March

Since March in Cyprus – is not high season, the rest of this month is sufficient budget. So, if we consider the 8 two days of stay of tourists in the hotel category 2-3** with breakfast, the cost of package tour with flight from Moscow will start with 50000 rubles. In addition, tours, purchased from tour operators, also cost a little bit cheaper, than in the summer.

Weather in Cyprus in March 2016 year

City Average day t, WITH Average night-time t, WITH t water, WITH
Pathos 18 13 17
Ayia Napa 19 13 17
Protaras 19 13 17
Larnaca 17 12 17
Nicosia 17 10



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