Weather in Cyprus in November

Cyprus in November
With the arrival of November in Cyprus is officially closed beach season. But this does not mean, here are bored and have nothing to do at this time of year.

Cyprus in late autumn has to cognitive-cultural rest: scenic walks, archaeological tours and romantic pastimeYu.

Features of weather in Cyprus in November

In November, the island still warm and, mostly, sunny. During the day the air is heated to an average of +21 – +23WITH, and the night temperature drops to +13 – +15WITH. Sea cools down to approximately + 21 ° C by the time. By the way, according to the observations of local residents, If October was serene, in early November, on a clear day it is possible to swim. Most tourists, Really, prefer to limit sunbathing. Any way, going to Cyprus in November, should bring along sunscreen, as they are relevant, and at this time.

The journey to the island certainly useful and umbrella: since the November weather is very changeable, and can suddenly began to rain, which is often accompanied by cold wind.

How to spend your holiday in Cyprus in November


In November, closed part of Cyprus hotels, and almost all entertainment, frequented by young people in summer. Therefore, should come here at this time of the, who appreciate the quiet relaxing atmosphere and privacy.

Remembering, Cyprus - an island with a rich history, of the rest can be done in a day trip. This can be:

  • visiting ancient monasteries and temples;
  • visit archaeological sites (the ancient city of Kourion and Amathus, tombs of the Kings, Kato Paphos Archaeological Park and other);
  • visit museums (archaeological, Ethnographic and Byzantine - in Paphos or the Art Gallery of Limassol).

It is also possible to arrange a real gastronomic tour, Cypriot cuisine because amazingly delicious and very useful. And if the hot summer days, when there is not particularly want, try all the goodies, Usually, does not work, the November - perfectly suited for this. Almost any tavern and restaurant of the island there: appetizer, suvlaki, kleftiko, moussaka, xallumi, sheftalya, lukanika, hummus, and many other national dishes, which is worth a try. And, Of course, no meal is complete without a traditional Cypriot sweets: lukum, sudzhukosa, baklava.

Worth a try and alcoholic beverages. First of all, Of course, Fastening sweet "Commandaria" – Wine, which is one of the oldest in the world. As for drinks, the strong popular "zivania" grape vodka and anise - "Ouzo". And beer lovers will surely enjoy the foamy beverage locally produced from factories or KEO LEON.


Brief on holiday prices in November

In November tourist flow is reduced to Cyprus, and to permit prices become more democratic. So, week holiday in Paphos in a double room three-star hotel with breakfast cost from 17500 rubles per person, including flights. And it will, Perhaps, the cheapest offer.

For recreation the hotel 5* according to the "all inclusive" in the same Paphos have to pay already from 43000 rubles per person.

It should be noted, In November it is most advantageous to have a rest in Paphos, and the rest in other towns of the island will cost a bit more expensive.

Weather in Cyprus in November

City Average day t, WITH Average night-time t, WITH t water, WITH
Pathos 21 14 21
Ayia Napa 22 14 21
Nicosia 22 12



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  1. It was great to walk on Cyprus and not see crowds of tourists. Ok, that in November the opportunity arises, be sure to take advantage of it.

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