Provisions in Cyprus

Provisions in Cyprus.

Cyprus - one of the countries, enter that Russian citizens are visa facilitation. If the passport has an outdoor Schengen, no additional documents are required. In case of absence of need pro-visa for Cyprus, and which will allow tourists to visit the island. However, such a visa imposes some restrictions: get to the island is possible only in Russia and always by air. And then at the airports of Larnaca and Paphos visa stamp is affixed in the passport of the tourist.

As a preliminary issue visa (Pro-show) – commission on Cyprus

In the design of a visa to Cyprus is simple enough for the Russians. She is single, and the term of its validity is 90 Days. In addition, such acts by visa 90/180, that is, it allows you to only once to visit the island and stay on it the most 90 days over 6 months.

Pro-visa for Cyprus is issued free of charge. Documents on it must be filed no earlier than, than three months before the start of the trip. The main requirement is that, that the tourist passport must be valid for at least 6 months since, when to apply for a visa. There are no other requirements for its registration no: an invitation from the citizens of Cyprus, return ticket, reservation in the hotel and no confirmation of funds not required.

Having considered the question, Do I need a visa to Cyprus, you need to understand in order, how correctly to issue it. If you purchased a tour package, then this obligation probably will take over the travel agency. If a person is sent to Cyprus in independent travel, he'll have to take care of the pro-visa clearance to.

In any case, this profile should be filled (on each tourist separately): Latin obyazatelno, the same way, in passport. In it the following information:

  • – surname (for example, PETROV);
  • – name (for example, SERGEY);
  • – Floor (M, if male and F, if female);
  • – Date of Birth (for example, 01.01.1980);
  • – Place of Birth (for example, USSR, SAMARA);
  • – citizenship (for example, RUSSIAN FEDERATION);
  • – father's name (for example, IVAN);
  • – mother's name (for example, MARINA);
  • – place of work and position (for example, MANAGER, ОАО «GAZPROM»;
  • – passport number (for example, 00№0000000);
  • – expiry date of passport (for example, 01.12.2020);
  • – Country, which issued passport (for example, RUSSIA);
  • – Place, where the service is located in Cyprus (for example, PAFOS, «QUEEN’S BAY»).

Travel agency sends the completed questionnaire itself. If the tourist draws about visa on their own, it will need to find and download the form on the official website of the Embassy of Cyprus in its region, fill it out on your computer and send an email, in which to put files ready profiles, by e-mail visa department (it is usually indicated at the end of the document). After some time, a visa to Cyprus will be sent to the applicant in its reply to his e-mail. This document should be printed on an A4 sheet and be sure to take a trip to the island.

As seen, about getting visas to Cyprus is not a too complicated procedure. For its registration not required Photo, and the time of the application is typically less than one day.


What you should know when crossing the borders of Cyprus

Customs regulations of the Republic of Cyprus to European Union requirements.

Import to Cyprus without taxes and customs duties can be:

  • alcoholic drinks (citizens from 17 years and older): 1 liter drinks, which contain more 22% of alcohol or 2 liters of beverages with an alcohol content of up to 22%. Additionally, the amount of alcohol you can bring more no more 4 liters of wine or 16 liters of beer;
  • tobacco products: one person can take to 200 cigarettes; RǵR "SĎ S'R µ S. .., who prefer cigars or cigarillos, their carriage is limited respectively 50 Or 100 thing; for smoking tobacco allowance is 250 Gram;
  • drugs in amounts, which are necessary for personal use.

Some items and products, for example, animals, plants, hunting and sporting weapons, some foods, You can be imported to the island only with the permission of the relevant services.

Amount of cash, which can not be declared upon entry to Cyprus, limited 10000 euro. However, as well as at the exit.

To be removed from the island is strictly prohibited:

  • objects, found on the seabed;
  • objects, found in archaeological excavations;
  • antiques (but you can take copies of ancient works).

Tips on visiting Cyprus

Basic tips for travelers, departing to Cyprus, are as follows:

  • documents are best kept in the hotel safe, and a photocopy is desirable to have pro-visa, passport and voucher;
  • from May to September 13 To 16 hours, almost all the shops and cafes are closed, as it is siesta time;
  • Cyprus other electrical outlets: they are flat with a three, and it means, You need an adapter; usually it can be taken at the reception desk at the hotel, but it is better to buy in any store your, the more so because it is inexpensive.

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