Fees "AlfaStrakhovanie" in the Chernozem region in 2020 g. grew by 11% - to 10,8 RUB bln.

Fees "AlfaStrakhovanie" in Chernozem region following the results 2020 g. for all types of insurance increased by 11% and reached almost 10,8 RUB bln. (excluding compulsory medical insurance), according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The Central Black Earth Regional Center ranks seventh in terms of collection in the company's knapsack.

The total volume of the insurance market of the Central Black Earth Region (excluding OMS) for 2020 g. increased compared to 2019 g. on 7%, fees reached 75,8 RUB bln. The share of AlfaStrakhovanie in the regional market was 14,2%.

A more significant increase in the company's premiums in the Central Black Earth Regional Center was observed in the life insurance sector (+48,2%, 3,6 billion rubles), property insurance of legal entities (+43,7%, 178 RUB million) and insurance against accidents (+35%, 319,4 RUB million).

VHI fees increased by 22,3% - to 862,5 RUB million, by casco - on 19,1% To 1,7 billion rubles

"IN 2020 g. AlfaStrakhovanie in Chernozemye showed steady and steady growth. Such success in the criteria of a pandemic and a difficult economic situation is due to the fact, that the company is constantly introducing and using new technologies, expands the capabilities of the mobile application and adds programs, which can be issued online. This approach is especially important in the current epidemiological situation.. It allows users to solve many issues remotely in a comfortable environment.. However, no technology could work for itself., without people. Therefore, high performance is the result of the work of the whole team., which was able to quickly adapt to new formats of work and not only strengthen, but also to strengthen the position of "AlfaStrakhovanie" in the Central Black Earth region ", - comments Ilya Nikolaevich Lantsov, Director of the Central Black Earth Regional Center.

AlfaStrakhovanie Group - the largest private Russian insurance group with a universal backpack of insurance services, which includes both comprehensive programs to protect the interests of business, as well as a wide range of insurance products for individuals. The group brings together AlfaStrakhovanie JSC, LLC "AlfaStrakhovanie-Life", LLC "AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS", LLC "Medicine AlfaStrakhovaniya" and is part of the financial and industrial consortium "Alfa-Group". AlfaStrakhovanie services are used by more than 31 million people and more 99 Thd. enterprises. The regional network includes 270 branches and offices throughout the country. The Group's own funds are 47 billion rubles. The reliability and financial stability of the company is confirmed by the ratings of the main international and Russian rating agencies: BB + by Fitch Ratings, "BBB-" on the S scale&P and "ruАAA" on the scale "Expert RA".

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