Sheremetyevo conducts a survey of passengers at the airport appropriation of the great compatriot

By 30 November inclusive passengers and guests of the International Airport Sheremetyevo can choose one of 4 great compatriots, whose name will be assigned to the airport in the project «Lofty Russian names», According to the Directorate for Relations with the public airport.

At the time of the survey in the large terminals B and D will be installed racks for voting. Volunteers public movement «Volunteers Victory» Metropolitan area will offer passengers and visitors Sheremetyevo questionnaire to be filled to select the names of prominent historical figures: poet Alexander Pushkin, scientist Dmitri Mendeleev, aircraft designer Andrei Tupolev and commander Konstantin Rokossovsky.

names, the last round of the competition to the finish, determined by the results of opinion polls, conducted by VTsIOM in the project regions, and approved by the Expert Council of the contest «Lofty Russian names». «The great names of Russia» – it is a national competition for the award of 47 Airport named after prominent citizens.

The aim of the project is to preserve the historical memory and spiritual traditions, the creation of cultural and historical areas of branding for regions and Russia as a whole. The project will enter the names of the majestic Russians in the modern context, making it common practice.

The founders and co-organizers of the project are the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Society of Russian Literature, Russian Geographical Society, Russian Historical Society and the Russian military-historical society. All information on how to conduct, regulations, the timing and results of the vote available on Velikieimena.rf website.

The organization and carrying out of the competition on the ground to help the volunteers of All-Russian public movement «Volunteers Victory».

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