At Sheremetyevo airport passport control booths set up for passengers with children up to 3 Years

Passport control booths were specially designated at Sheremetyevo International Airport with the help of the Border Guard, designed for accelerated service of passengers with children up to three years old, According to the Directorate for Relations with the public airport.

For priority passage, passengers with children can contact Sheremetyevo employees at the border control lanes. If necessary, the airport staff will provide passengers with additional consulting support. The innovation allows to speed up the function of passing pre-flight formalities.

Sheremetyevo maintains a comfortable and developing environment for young passengers. The airport is open 5 rooms for mothers and children in public and "sterile" areas, working on a free basis around the clock. In the rooms of mother and child, children can relax, eat, take a shower and sleep with your parents. This service is intended for passengers with children up to 7 Years, with children with disabilities up to 14 years and for ladies in the second half of pregnancy.

(C) 1 January by 1 November 2018 years in the rooms of mom and child, about 75 thousand passengers with children. In addition, there are two play areas at the airport, more 10 changing rooms, and by the end of this year, it is planned to open several gaming zones in the brand new Terminal B.

Wide abilities for children's recreation are foreseen in the business- and VIP-halls of Sheremetyevo. Business lounges are equipped with children's rooms and areas with dry pools, toys, game consoles, TVs and changing tables. In the business lounges "Cosmos", "Moscow" and "Sochi" provide baby food. There are children's rooms in the VIP rooms, in which small visitors, in addition to the standard set of entertainment, all kinds of constructors are offered, as well as easels with sets for drawing and creativity. Each VIP room is equipped with a changing table and a feeding chair.

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