The Federal Tourism Agency held an interagency meeting on "Pearl River" customers' problems

10 December, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation hosted an interdepartmental meeting with the role of Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Alexander Yurchik, Deputy Minister of Economic Development Sergei Galkin, Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov, Deputy Director of the Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Klim, Director of the Association "Tourist Assistance" Alexander Osaulenko, as well as representatives of the tour operator "Travel Designers LLC", working under the brand "Pearl River", the airline "IrAero" and its agent - the company "Evereit". This is reported by the press service of Rostourism.

According to the results of the event, it was proved, that flights on returning home of Russian tourists, holidaymakers currently on the Hainan Peninsula (PRC) along the "Pearl River", will be performed by "IrAero".

Current time on Hainan Island (PRC) located 1533 tourist "Pearl River", which were to be transported by IrAero flights. Of their 368 people could not fly to Kazan on schedule 8 December due to financial differences between the tour operator and the airline. All of them are located in hotels and provided with meals.

Air carrier "IrAero" confirmed, which has the technical ability for the planned export of tourists from places of rest and is working on the best schedule for the implementation of export flights.

The Federal Agency for Tourism and the Association "Tourist Assistance" is in close cooperation with "Travel Designers" LLC and the "IrAero" airline and monitor the observance of the rights and legitimate interests of Russian tourists.

Export flights for the return of Russians, tourists on the Hainan Peninsula through the tour operator "Pearl River", also operated by Alrosa.

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