Visa to Cyprus for the Russians


Cyprus - an ancient island with unparalleled nature and numerous corners for a comfortable and memorable stay. The mild Mediterranean climate, clean beaches, Beautiful coastal mountain ranges, constantly shining sun - it's only the main reasons for a trip to this fantastic place. However, for such a trip is necessary to specify which need a visa to Cyprus for the Russians and the need in principle.


Do I need a visa for Russians to Cyprus?

Visa - permission to the respective country's embassy to cross its borders. For a trip to the wonderful island of ancient Russia it, Usually, still require. Nice only that, you will not have to stand queuing month, because permission to visit Cyprus has a simplified form and can be obtained within a day. So, when faced with the question, Do I need a visa to Cyprus or not, worth knowing, usually need. Only this type of document is called "provisioning" and is used for the passage of the Russians on the historic island. For more information about provisioning, visit our web site in the article: Provisions in Cyprus.


The resolution of the paper can not execute, If you already have a recently discovered in one of the European countries and the existing Schengen visa. Also, do not worry about the licensing documents to cross the border in the administration on the fabulous island through the air harbor of Paphos and Larnaca. These crossings can be a few hours to get an electronic authorization, giving the right to a legal stay on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus 90 Days. I.e, Do I need a visa to Cyprus Russians, that's a moot point, having a number of features.


The package of documents for obtaining provisions

Get a permit to cross the borders of the island in two ways:

1) with the personal visit of the Embassy in Moscow or St. Petersburg

2) while collecting all the necessary official documents and providing electronic.

Regardless of the option chosen should prepare a package containing:

  • passport with a free space for the next stamp and still valid for at least 3 months from the date of the alleged repatriation.
  • photocopy of the document
  • filled with a Latin profile
  • color image (3*4 or 3,5*4,5) for bonding to profile
  • documents, which can confirm the booking of a hotel room, tour-voucher or an invitation to travel agencies.

The above list of official documents should be everyone wants to visit the island. In the case of the departure of a child to Cyprus 18 years to key documents are also enclosed: his birth certificate, notarized permission of both parents to travel, as well as power of attorney for the group leader's name.

While providing a full package of a day after its submission you can get ready a visa to Cyprus for the Russians. A little more time will be required only during the large influx of people in the embassy with similar requests (Usually, in high season).


Filing for provisions over the Internet

In case of impossibility or unwillingness to visit the embassy in person, eg, if you live in the city, where it does not exist, allowed registration of permission to enter through electronic circulation. This will require to perform such actions:

1) Visit the official electronic resource Embassy of Cyprus

2) Download his profile page (red stamp at the bottom of the page)

3) Fill the document in Word in English

4) Save it under the name, corresponding to your surname and name in Latin letters

5) Share this official paper to the email address of a foreign body.

After a positive response, will only print the provisions and to take her along with the other documents.

Advice: it is recommended to submit it to the most expeditious processing of your application to 15.00, After this time, the application will not be processed.

Important! If you wish to go to Cyprus for the second time before the expiry of a one-time authorization is necessary to reiterate to the Embassy with all documents, but with the note "re".


Do I need a visa to Cyprus: exceptions

It was noted above, that a national permit to enter the territory of the island is not required, If you already have a valid Schengen visa. A special feature in this case is the requirement of the arrival to Cyprus in the Schengen area, where you will be able to open it. Concerning, This option is suitable for people of visa, who travel to Europe or fly to the island from Russia, with at least one change in the Schengen area.

Another exception is the desire to visit North Cyprus, which includes the city: Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Güzelyurt and some other. For entry visa to the region to Cyprus for the Russians is not required. The situation is caused by the disputed status of the territory.


Other types of visas to Cyprus

For those wishing to go on a wonderful island for a longer period, registration provisions would be inappropriate option. These Russians can get a trip to the tourist or visitor visa. These permits are granted the right to stay in the wonderful island from six months to 3 years old.

In case of need only pass through the territory of Cyprus, you can take advantage of short-term transit visa, which allows a State to cross the border and stay in its territory, of up to 5 days at each intermediate landing,.

For registration of these types of permissions, you must download the appropriate type of form on the official resource of the Cyprus Embassy, fill it in Latin and sent to the same e-mail address of a foreign organization.


The reasons for the denial of a visa to Cyprus

Simplified mechanism of registration permits for entry is not possible to easily travel to the island all comers. To refuse to grant a visa can in any world state and Cyprus is no exception. His embassy may prohibit the entry of Russians in the case of:

1) face finding, requesting a visa in the black list of the republic. This is possible in case of an unsuccessful last trip, ie. you have the right to leave the country or local regulations have been violated. for example, if you have not paid for a designated offense fine before leaving the state or decide to return home through the territory of Northern Cyprus.

2) Applicant false documents were provided, granting the right to visit the country.

3) Citizen, who wants to go on a trip, It has not provided any of the above mentioned documents.

4) invitation to travel agencies, which is the basis for entering the country, It was granted unscrupulous travel agency.

5) You were recently in Northern Cyprus, as there is an appropriate stamp in the passport. This failure is associated with the complex base relations between parts of the island.


How much does a visa to Cyprus for the Russians?

Receiving commission or other type of authorization documents for crossing the borders of an independent island for Russians, draw up documents through a Cypriot Embassy in Moscow, costs absolutely free.

Will have to pay when using the services of this embassy only CIS citizens. These services will cost them:

  • for one trip - about 15 euro
  • for two trips - about 40 euro.

So, If the question arises, how much is the visa to Cyprus for the Russians, you need to know, that totally does.

In this way, obtaining permits to enter the fabulous open spaces of the island - it is quite feasible task. Visa to Cyprus for the Russians can be quickly and effortlessly framed traveler independently and at no extra cost, how only permit, and will save on intermediary services travel agencies.

Consult and Cyprus you can on the given links on our website.

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