What to bring to Cyprus?

what to bring to Cyprus

During a trip abroad, in front of us often question, that such an unusual take with you as a souvenir and to give pleasure to their friends and family.

But what to bring with Cyprus? Gifts on the island have any preferences and financial condition. Take with them to Cyprus can be as a garment, beautiful objects and Souvenir, or food and drinks, which do not lose their appearance when flying.

Best cheap souvenirs from Cyprus – This magnets or small plates depicting local attractions, Aphrodite, flora and fauna.

Keychain with Cyprus

Also unusual gift from the island will lefkarskie embroidery, admired Leonardo da Vinci. weaving secrets are passed down from generation to generation for several centuries. In addition to embroidered napkins, towels, clothing, please and interesting fishnet umbrellas.

lefkarskie embroidery

It is worth to buy a painting from silkworm cocoons, but they will cost a considerable sum.

Cyprus is famous for its silverware, are usually performed in the art filigree (lace of silver wires), This jewelry embellishments, dishes, finishing materials for icons.

Present on the shelves of stores all kinds of products with Swarovski crystals on the basis of silver.

Popular resort and pottery, you can buy not only a wonderful vase, but to do it yourself.


What to buy in Cyprus for a woman?

Answer: natural cosmetics. Particularly appreciated olive cosmetics, in particular massage oils, creams for all parts of the body. Common and unusual for us soap donkey milk. That he locals ascribe miraculous power. The country is also popular, and products based on roses – candles, oils, liqueurs, essences.

bowl Pythagorean – here's what you can bring to Cyprus!

bowl Pythagorean – here's what you can bring to Cyprus. It's such a cup of pottery for drinking wine, trick.

Outwardly it looks like ice-cream bowls on a leg, but in the middle of a column (it seems, that leg continues inside dishes). The liquid can be poured to a certain level only (there is usually a golden mark), if it is exceeded – everything flows out through the hole in the bottom of.

This circle was invented by Pythagoras in order to force a person to drink alcohol in moderation.

bowl Pythagorean

Food and wine

In addition to non-food items necessary to buy in Cyprus wine and other goodies.

Alcoholic beverages such as the ancient brands “St. Panteleimon” and “Commandaria” will delight the most demanding palates. If you are a supporter of white wine, then you'll love “Aphrodite”, and the best dry red is considered – “Othello”.

A wonderful application to the wine becomes cheese “Xalumi”, which is made from a mixture of sheep and goat milk.

Sweets lovers will enjoy Turkish delight, different marmalades and honey.

Shopping in Cyprus

Shopping in Cyprus – one of the most enjoyable activities in the resort, because the stores represented groups of products, that it is more profitable to buy here.

The city Limasolle built a wide network of stores with shops, selling products of all famous brands, designer clothes and new collection. Branded boutiques usually decorated modestly, without bright and neon signs.

Shops in Cyprus open from 08:00 To 20:00, Wednesday and Saturday open until lunch. In summer, during the heat they close for a few hours in the afternoon, а зимой°Cpan> (June-August) reduced to an average of 10-15 °C. – Only hours before the 17:30.

Shopping in Cyprus

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Leather and fur products

Leather and fur – Now that you can buy in Cyprus and profitable discount.

Most of the shops in Cyprus offer quality goods made of leather. If you've always wanted buy a leather jacket or gloves, then buy without hesitation. A good souvenir for loved ones will also be handmade belts and backpacks.

On the coat successful shopping will Limasolle, because there is low prices for the goods and be presented about 80% all leather production country, including Greek, Italian manufacturers. Buy the best, or at the end of the tourist season, or Saturday. therefore, if you became a question, what to bring from Cyprus loved ones, confidently say, it is worth to purchase leather or fur products.

Buying these products, be sure to bargain, as most local vendors are well aware Russian.

It is also the hallmark of shopping in Cyprus are sales, which formalized legislation.

Two main periods: winter – the first Monday in February, and summer – with 15 July. duration – 45 Days. there are intermediate – Before Christmas and Easter.

Therefore, during this time you can be purchased at a promotional price all gifts from Cyprus.

Vase from Cyprus
Vase from Cyprus

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