Attractions Ayia Napa – the breath of history near the modern resort

Attractions Ayia Napa will allow you to directly touch the history of the island of Aphrodite. Perhaps, of all places in Cyprus, Only in this city you can get such vivid emotions and cognitive enjoy your vacation to the full. Not so long ago Ayia Napa was a small fishing village. However, at the end of the last century, this village is transformed into one of the most popular resorts on Cyprus, famous far beyond the borders of the island for its magnificent beaches.


But in addition to the active beach holidays and water fun, and I recommend you to visit following the most impressive sights of Ayia Napa:

  • medieval monastery, dedicated to the Virgin Kanakariyskoy;
  • maritime Museum;
  • bridge of lovers;
  • caves of Ayia Napa.

The medieval monastery of Ayia Napa It has an interesting legend of its origin. The cave is located here, according to legend, once found an icon of Virgin Mary. Later Venetian noble family from Famagusta left home, to dwell in this place. Here he built a monastery and chapel, I placed a few monks' cells. Also objects subsidiary farms were built: a mill and a small oil mill. Initially, only the monks living in the monastery, and the chapel was Roman Catholic. Of particular interest is the very design of buildings. In the center of the courtyard is a swimming pool under the dome, decorated with colorful carvings, where you can see the image most noble Venetian. In the 1571 This year, the monastery was turned into a Christian. At the end of the 18th century, he was abandoned. Today, the church in the monastery complex - is interesting from the cognitive point of view of an archaeological site. Pay particular attention to is located at the eastern entrance to the church with theater seats, which are carved directly from stone. And on the south side of the monastery buildings grows majestic sycamore. her age, one of the ancient legends, It is already six centuries. Now the church is working exclusively as a museum. Services are held in the new church, built next to the monastery.


Maritime Museum of Ayia Napa – it is one of the first museums nautical theme in Cyprus. Here you can view an extensive collection of different mollusks, who live in the territorial waters of the island, get acquainted with rare species of native birds.


Resting in Ayia Napa, it is impossible not to visit the famous Cape Greco. Here you can drive a rental car or bike. Here, on bridge lovers, sent to all loving couples. The object represents a certain rock arch, which has been formed by natural processes here. All the tourists today, it is striking in its apparent fragility and visual similarity of the bridge. Be sure to take a photo at this Bridge of lovers - the photos are wonderful. In this very place, thanks to the amazing beauty of the turquoise sea water, the very nature of a unique landscape created.

Grottoes Ayia Napa - it really is a stunner. They were formed in this place, because of the constantly blowing winds. These sea caves are well located near the town, also near Cape Greco. The marine fauna of this area is striking for its diversity. If you want to swim, you will be able to witness all sorts of fish, huge octopuses and other inhabitants of the Mediterranean. If you love the measured rest, you can simply enjoy the caves from any pleasure katerke and make stunning photos in the beautiful local scenery. Not far from the caves there is a bus stop, because to get here from the center of Ayia Napa is not difficult. Before you visit the sea caves, Always be sure,, that the shoes you comfortable and has a thick sole, as the rocky stones are quite sharp.


to inspect all the attractions of Ayia Napa, not enough for a few days, but if you plan your route to travel around the island visiting the above sites, you can make an initial impression of this resort town in full.

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