Travel around the island of Cyprus with sights on the map Russian

When traveling to the island of Cyprus attractions map in Russian, to be with you. This is because the, that the island itself has a diverse history, which began since ancient times.

Cyprus map with landmarks in Russian you will be indispensable for planning their trips, especially by car. With this card you will probably choose a place, are you most interested in. The most interesting and mandatory attendance are:

  • Castle Kollosi
  • monastery Trooditisa
  • Birthplace of Aphrodite
  • Kykkos monastery

Castle Kollosi


If independent trip in Kollosi Castle, it is best to use the card attractions of Cyprus in Russian. This castle has a rich history and is considered the best in Cyprus. It was built in 13 century, and with 1291 year became the base of the Knights Hospitallers. also in 14 century castle for a short time was used by the Knights Templar. among the knights, also engaged in breeding different kinds of wines. according to tradition, recipe of the famous Cyprus wine Commandaria was first created in the walls of the castle.

monastery Trooditisa


Deservedly takes place on the map of Cyprus attractions. This monastery was founded in 1251 by two monks, hermits. The monastery is located in the Troodos Mountains at an altitude of 1424 m. The monastery is the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, which according to legend was written by Luke and the Miracle of the Holy Virgin Leather Belt, which according to popular belief helps infertile women become pregnant.

Birthplace of Aphrodite

When you travel to this place, will help map of Cyprus landmarks in Russian, because next to it there is a lot of interesting places. there is a legend, that this is where Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam. This is one of the most beautiful beach locations on the island. The place attracts all lovers, since according to confide, if you can find on this beach pebble in the form of heart, your love will be eternal.

Kykkos monastery


This monastery occupies a deserved place among the attractions on the map of Cyprus. It was built in 11 century and has a rich history. In it housed a museum of history of Cyprus, kept the Virgin Mary Icon, written by Luke. In the 1975 , the entire surface of the icon was covered with silver, and since he is not a portrait of who have not seen.

Also on the island there are still many interesting places, so when you travel to Cyprus map of attractions in Russian, a must. Thanks to her, you will be able to build the most optimal travel route, visit not only the places, The above, but you can also see other monasteries, museums, catacombs and other places of interest.

For independent travel around the island of Cyprus has a lot of companies, offering car rental. The car can be rented, showing the national law in Russia (new model). The cost of the machine depends on the type of insurance. It is best to take advantage of insurance S.D.W. (an analogue of our Casco).This insurance covers all, but deductible (depending on the vehicle is 400-800 euro) blocked on your credit card. After returning the car is unlocked.

When you select a traffic route, best to go on national (primary) roads. For example, from Larnaca to Troodos is better to go through Limmasol, in an area where you turn north. The total length of the road will be about 110 km. The route will take place mainly on the 4-lane road yoh, and at some part will meet and 6-lane road. Site installation of stationary surveillance cameras, designated trademarks. Since the left-hand traffic, be especially careful when driving through roundabouts. While all rolling machines differ in color numbers, from the local machine, that, Usually, loyal to the tourists driving, but ignore the rules is not necessary.

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